Hearing Aids & Accessories

We seek insight into your livelihood and interests. Do you have a job or hobby that makes certain hearing solutions not feasible? Are there solutions that you are willing — or not willing — to consider? Once we know more about your particular hearing challenges and your daily life, we can begin determining the best solution for you.

Custom Hearing Aids

We only work with the top manufactures to ensure that we are supplying you with the best hearing solution. We will custom fit devices that are specific to your ear and hearing loss.

We work with the following hearing aid manufacturers:

Hearing Aid Supplies

We provide all the supplies that you will need to keep your hearing aid working properly. We are always here to assist you with the care and maintenance of your hearing aid.

  • Batteries
  • Wax traps
  • Domes
  • Dry aid kit
  • Oto-Ease
  • Ear Gene for itchy ears
  • Ear mold tube blowers
  • Battery tester

Home Hearing Devices

Next time you are in our office, please ask for a free demo of the home hearing devices we offer. Or schedule an appointment to come in for a free demo!

  • TV ears
  • Amplified telephones
  • Alarm clock with bed shaker
  • Pocket talkers
  • Electronic dehumidifier for hearing aids